2 April 2020 Update

Highlanders and VWA Families:

It is likely obvious to many that we are currently in a situation where we cannot gather together as a group to train at the training facility due to the current orders from the Governor and guidance from the President of the United States regarding the current outbreak across Virginia of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, also commonly referred to and used out of proper context as COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” by the media. The intent of this update is not to educate you in detail on the virus or the symptoms it causes; we know you can easily research your own knowledge on the matter by going to the Center for Disease Control or John’s Hopkins University websites. The purpose of this update is to acknowledge the current situation of the club and the fact that some of the sharpest minds (e.g. nurses, doctors, scientists, etc.) in our great Nation are learning something new every day. WE WILL adjust, adapt, and OVERCOME this adversity. When it is within the law and deemed appropriate, we will continue training at the training facility. Following are some additional details and guidance:

  1. We greatly appreciate those members who are able to keep paying. This will ensure your wrestlers have a place to train when this storm has passed.
  2. If you have paid for the spring season and want your money back due to the inability to train, we will honor this. Reach out to us and we will work out an expeditious way to get your money back.
  3. The banquet originally scheduled for 4 April will be held at a later date (TBD) when we are allowed to gather as a group. Stay tuned for further information on this.
  4. We will continue to post additional “train at home” information on our Facebook group at “Stafford Highlanders Wrestling Club / Virginia Wrestling Academy”. The worst thing your wrestler can do right now is gravitate to doing nothing conducive to wrestling. This will be obvious when training and competitions resume.

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