2020 VWA Summer Training Registration Information

The Virginia Wrestling Academy (VWA) Summer Wrestling Training Program is open to Wrestlers ages 5 and up (5-7 year olds will only train for 1 hour at a time). This year due to COVID-19 limitations, the program will focus on outdoor conditioning with limited availability for individual wrestling instruction. We have a Beginner/Intermediate program and an Advanced Program. The Beginner/Intermediate program is for younger and more inexperienced wrestlers and is geared toward developing sound basic wrestling fundamentals. To enter the VWA Advanced program, wrestlers should have at least 3 to 4 years of wrestling experience, and be ready for intense challenges in training to prepare for competitive wrestling tournaments. The VWA Advanced Program is geared toward readying wrestlers to hit the ground running at the start of high school and beyond. This includes the development of advanced wrestling techniques as well as mental and physical toughness necessary for success in highly competitive wrestling tournaments. To enter the VWA Advanced Program, wrestlers should have developed an internal desire for the sport of wrestling that transcends parental encouragement. In other words, the wrestler needs to love it and want it themselves.

VWA Summer Program

Historically, the VWA Summer Program is designed to start with folkstyle wrestling basics and prepare wrestlers for initial competitions in the fall and winter. A special focus on conditioning will improve wrestling specific endurance and strength; enable wrestlers to hold their stance; and build explosive power for effective takedowns. Technique training will initially build with the basics of proper wrestling stance, hand-fighting, elbow control, snap-downs, other set-ups, the double-leg takedown, other takedowns, and evolve throughout the session to more intricate moves from the referee’s position and mat wrestling (i.e. ground-fighting). Special attention will be given to proper positioning in various situations. Most time will be dedicated to technique with some live wrestling every week. Live wrestling will increase later in the session as better fundamental technique is demonstrated by the wrestlers. The VWA Summer Program this year runs from the last week of August to the end of September. This year, due to COVID-19 we have a more limited timeframe and will focus more on outdoor conditioning.

Discounted rates for families with more than one wrestler are:

1st Wrestler $120.00 • 2nd Wrestler $100.00
3rd Wrestler $80.00 • 4th Wrestler $FREE

Wrestler age groups vary depending on tournaments entered. For reference, the USA Wrestling Age Groups this year are:


Bantam Born 2012-2014
Intermediate Born 2010-2011
Novice Born 2008-2009
Schoolboy Born 2006-2007
Cadet Born 2004-2005
UWW Cadet Born 2003-2005
Junior Born 9/1/2000 and after; 9-12th Grade


Intermediate Born 2011-2013
Novice Born 2008-2010
Schoolgirl Born 2006-2007
Cadet Born 2004-2005
UWW Cadet Born 2003-2005
Junior Born 9/1/2000 and after; 9-12th Grade

ATTENTION!!!! Physical space is limited and registration may end due to capacity. TO ENSURE YOUR WRESTLER’S ROSTER SPOT – ELECTRONIC PAYMENT IS BETTER!!! The VWA spring program dues do not include tournament fees. Parents will be required to register their wrestlers for tournaments they plan to participate in. Prior to registering wrestlers, parents should contact us by emailing vawrestlingacademy@gmail.com.

You can pay electronically near the bottom of this page by clicking on the link to our Square site. There will be a small additional fee for the convenience of using Square. After paying please return to this page to complete the registration process by clicking on the link to our Google Forms registration form.

If you choose pay by check you can register electronically by clicking on the link to our Google Forms registration form or register with paper onsite at our training facility (the old way). Check/Money Order/Cash and paperwork should be brought to our facility during the week of August 24-28 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm or any training session in September. Registration by check / money order / cash is only considered complete once payment is received. Please make checks or money order payable to VIRGINIA WRESTLING ACADEMY.

Beginning Monday, August 24th, VWA outdoor training will be held Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 6:30-7:30pm.

Information will be forthcoming for VWA participating tournaments as tournaments are allowed in Virginia or elsewhere. Tournaments will be posted on the calendar viewable on the main page of this website and socialized on Facebook at the Stafford Highlanders Wrestling Club / Virginia Wrestling Academy group site.

IF YOU PLAN TO COMPETE IN Tournaments, you need to purchase an upgraded USA Wrestling Athlete Card with Limited Folkstyle Membership at www.usawmembership.com . This will allow your wrestler to participate in USAW sponsored folkstyle events. (local, state, regional, and national). If you already know you want to do Freestyle and Greco-Roman you can purchase the Full Athlete Membership. All memberships begin on 1Sep and run through 31 August. They must be renewed every year.




Step 1) CLICK ON LINK HERE to pay electronically using our Square Store. PLEASE RETURN TO THIS PAGE TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS at Step 2 below!

Step 2) CLICK ON LINK HERE to submit your wrestler’s registration information using Google Forms.


Step 1) CLICK ON LINK HERE to submit your wrestler’s registration information using Google Forms.

Step 2) Bring your Cash or Check/Money Order (made payable to VIRGINIA WRESTLING ACADEMY) for $120 to the training facility.

Step 3) Both Options: Physically sign the Waiver and Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement at the training facility which includes counseling with an officer of the club. NOONE will be allowed to train at VWA without doing this.

*** If you encounter any problems please contact us at vawrestlingacademy@gmail.com.***

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