Wrestling Basics

Bad Weather and Practice

DO WE PRACTICE IN BAD WEATHER? USUALLY _ YES !!! In the event of bad weather – please be careful getting to the facility. Practice and events are never mandatory, so please use your own discretion when it comes to traveling in unfavorable conditions. Your family’s safety is our first concern. We are not affiliated with any “County or School …

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Mat Cleaning and Hygiene INFO

The Highlanders take mat hygiene very seriously. We spray and clean the mats before every practice. Street shoes are never permitted on the mats. We change into wrestling shoes at the facility before walking on the mats. A towel is provided at the edge of the mats to wipe these shoes off as well. Anyone with a skin infection should …

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Things you should know for the wrestling season

THIS IS INTENDED FOR PARENTS of HIGHLANDER WRESTLERS (Beginner/Intermediate) Our style of wrestling: Folkstyle / Collegiate – Wikipedia We are part of: The Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF) 1) Tournaments (Federation – included) – We have 9 Tournaments scheduled for this season. They are listed on our website. You have already paid for them with your registration fee. These tournaments …

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USAW Cards and Training

This is intended for all highlander coaches (updated 9-2016): You are required to have a USAW background check to coach wrestling during the Season. (It’s $15 ) We recommend the USAW coaching membership/card which includes a background check. There is a small extra cost for a coaching card, but these cards get you into many events free, receive discounts, and …

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Wrestling Rules Made Simple

The object of the sport of wrestling is to put your opponent on his back — to pin your opponent. A pin (or fall) is when you put your opponent on his/her back with any part of both shoulders or both shoulder blades of your opponent in contact with the mat for two seconds. When you pin your opponent, the …

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Skin Checks and Safety

The NVWF has reminded us that it is the responsibility of each organization / Head Coach to enforce policy regarding our wrestler’s health. The federation does not perform skin checks, health or nail checks at each event. Therefore we need the assistance of all parents to ensure that our sport remains as safe as possible. Please report to a Head …

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Do you have pictures to share…?

Have you been taking pictures at practice? Are you planning on filming or snapping photos at NWVF or CAWL events? Or do you simply have wrestling photos of your kids that you may like to share? We always need photos to build new galleries for the website, or to use for our stories. If you have anything that you believe …

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