Mat Cleaning and Hygiene INFO

The Highlanders take mat hygiene very seriously. We spray and clean the mats before every practice. Street shoes are never permitted on the mats. We change into wrestling shoes at the facility before walking on the mats. A towel is provided at the edge of the mats to wipe these shoes off as well. Anyone with a skin infection should not practice until it has gone away.

*** If you are volunteering to disinfect the mat, please take care to use the sprayer sparingly and do not soak the mat. Spray the diluted sanitizer lightly and wipe with the clean blue pads provided. The cleaning solution is kept in the back-pack spray container and the blue pads/pole are hanging near the entrance. The solution should be applied lightly enough and wiped so that the area you started cleaning is drying as the last part of the mat is cleaned. There are overhead fans that can be turned on to aid the drying process.

Brulin Maxima Disinfectant (1 Gal)The cleaning formula used during the past 8 years is called Maxima 128 and is available at this link. ( It is a mat cleaner, but has a wide range of uses, including hospital use. The cleaner is diluted to the lowest concentrate as directed. According to the manufacturer “Maxima is a one-step broad-spectrum virucide, fungicide, and bactericide as has been demonstrated in tests prescribed by the federal government. Fully-registered EPA Hospital-Grade Germicidal Detergent, and is OSHA-compliant. ”

The Highlanders and the MMA facility have been very fortunate with respect to rash or infectious break-outs. We will be enforcing a mandatory skin check, weekly, starting next week – to attempt to prevent any virus or rash contamination. Please do not let your wrestler participate if you feel that your child may have a contagious infection. AND – do not hide/cover rashes or skin lesions, instead wait until they are healed before getting back on the mat.

Remember – If you want to help…do it…we are all volunteers. We appreciate your efforts to make the highlanders a better organization.

Bathroom Reminder – All wrestlers must be accompanied by an adult to the restroom. The adult should check the restroom after it is used and clean up if necessary. Please remind the kids to wipe their feet on the towel before re-entering the mat.

-Coach Troy

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