Deals on Wrestling Shoes and Gear

Looking for a great deal on youth wrestling gear? Wrestling shoes and headgear are usually lightly used during the season. A pair of shoes can last a long time (if your wrestler’s foot stopped growing). Shoes and headgear are usually only used on the mats. and singlets are only used in meets and tournaments. So, you should expect the “used” …

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Coaches Tournament Info

A few notes for the NVWF Tournaments: Wrestling will usually start between 10-10:30 am… If your kid is older and does not have to weigh-in until later, there is no need to show up early while the younger kids are weighing in. After the early weigh ins the kids will get on the mats and warm-up while we are waiting …

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Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

-Forbes Magazine Two wrestlers fight for a takedown. Within that takedown are many lessons that can translate into the boardroom. (Photo credit: Available_Light) “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill—none have wrestled without pride.” ~ Dan Gable Today’s workforce is extremely competitive. When comparing resumes it’s easy to get lost …

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Dual Team Wrestle-Off Rules

Wrestle-Offs: How are Dual team positions determined? A wrestler does not automatically receive the right to wrestle-off for a Dual team position. It is always the coach’s discretion as to which wrestler will compete and represent the Highlanders. This decision will be based on a team first policy- simply stated: “What is best for our team?” Wrestling for the Highlanders …

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