Dual Team Wrestle-Off Rules

How are Dual team positions determined?
A wrestler does not automatically receive the right to wrestle-off for a Dual team position. It is always the coach’s discretion as to which wrestler will compete and represent the Highlanders. This decision will be based on a team first policy- simply stated: “What is best for our team?”
Wrestling for the Highlanders is a privilege not a right!
If a wrestler desires to challenge another wrestler for his spot then the challenger must ask the coach at least one practice prior to the wrestle-offs. The coach will then determine whether the challenger merits a wrestle-off. If the coach agrees, then a wrestle-off will take place at a time to be designated by the coach.

What is a ladder system?

A ladder system means that you must climb the ladder to reach the top. Each rung of the ladder constitutes a step closer to the #1 spot (Dual team). If there are 3 wrestlers at a weight class and the initial wrestle-off has already been determined then the challenge process will occur as follows:
If wrestler C wants to challenge A then he must ask for a challenge match and go through wrestler B to get there. The challenger must win the first wrestle-off match in order for it to go to a best of three. If the challenger loses his challenge match then the wrestle-off is over. (there will not be a best of three).
If wrestler B wants to challenge A then he must ask for a challenge match and if the coach agrees then a challenge match will be scheduled at a time determined by the coach. If wrestler B wins the challenge match then it goes to a best of three. If wrestler B wins 2 out of 3 then wrestler B becomes the CAWL Team member and has earned the Top Spot. However, if Wrestler A has had a winning record week to week and is performing at a high level, it will also be put into consideration whether a wrestle off should take place.
Can a Back Up or Advanced wrestler compete on the Dual Team and NVWF ?
Back Ups and Advanced team members are expected to be at Dual events to wrestle in exhibition matches. Non-starters can wrestle in both Dual events and NVWF matches during the same day/weekend. There will be times when an Advanced Team member will be needed to wrestle for the Dual Team. The coach will contact the Advanced Team member as soon as possible when he is expected to be with the Dual Team. Due to illness or unforeseen reasons, the Advanced Team member may be asked to wrestle with the Dual Team less than 24 hours notice. Be ready when opportunity comes and knocks on your door!
When can a wrestler re-challenge for a Dual Team position?
Wrestle-offs will normally be conducted on a Bi-Weekly bases during the season. However, if the A wrestler has a losing record during the past week, there may be consideration by coaches to wrestle-off sooner.
Coaches Discretion:
The Dual team is similar to an ALL STAR team in other sports. The Dual team is a competitive wrestling team. Coaches may change roster positions and/or place wrestlers into different weight classes when it determined to be advantageous and conducive to winning. Final roster spots are determined by the coaches and may change during competition. There may even be instances of shared starting spots during muli-duel meets.

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