Coaches & Staff

Board Members:

Jason “Jake” Bell – President / Coach
Keith Wilson – Operations Manager / Head Coach
Vacant- Treasurer
Vacant – Secretary


Christina Miles – USMC Marathon Volunteer Coordinator
Joey Miles – Facilities Maintenance Engineer
Mandy Park – NVWF Scoring Tables Volunteer Coordinator
Marty Huggins – Spirit Gear Coordinator
Looking for Volunteer – Administrative Coordinator

Persons interested in assisting with coaching, practices, administration or at tournaments; please feel free to inquire.
To coach, you must pass background check provided by USAW in order to obtain a USAW Coaching Card.
If you are interested in helping, see the Contact Us link above.


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Keith Wilson – Head Coach NVWF/VWA
Jake Bell – NVWF Coach/VWA Coach
Laura Bell – NVWF/VWA Coach
Troy Trahan – VWA Coach
Dave McGrath – VWA Coach
Gene Davis – NVWF Coach/VWA Coach
Joey Miles – VWA Coach
Jason Kaiser Sr. – NVWF Coach/VWA Coach
Patrick Whelan – VWA Coach
Billy Kelley – NVWF Coach
Sean O’Driscoll – NVWF Coach
Chris Park – NVWF Coach
Chad Armstrong – NVWF Coach
Josh Etu – NVWF Coach
Nate Blake – VWA Coach
Ramses Montalvo – VWA Coach
Paul Parker – NVWF Coach
Steve Sabo – NVWF Coach

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