Coaches Tournament Info

A few notes for the NVWF Tournaments:

  • Wrestling will usually start between 10-10:30 am…
  • If your kid is older and does not have to weigh-in until later, there is no need to show up early while the younger kids are weighing in.
  • After the early weigh ins the kids will get on the mats and warm-up while we are waiting for mat assignments.
  • What to wear? The gold coaches shirt and jeans/pants and sneakers/shoes. You do not have to wear wrestling shoes while coaching.
  • We usually receive 2 copies of a list of our kids and their mat assignments. Bring a pen and something to write on. We will be splitting up the list between us (around 10 coaches) — and we will assign each other mats/areas. Expect to be in a certain mat area, but be flexible because there will be many instances where we have 5 or more kids wrestling simultaneously. So, you may be needed at other mats. And, of course you may have to ask other coaches to cover for you while your own child is wrestling.
  • Also, please track the wins and losses for the kids that you coach. That info will we given to Melissa and she will be entering that information into our database via smartphone during the event.
  • Coaches will be in a special “coaching area” in between the mats. Parents and non-coaches are not allowed in the area. Only kids that are about to wrestle.
  • Permanent Marker – We don’t need everyone to bring one, but maybe you have one that you could put in your vehicle. Just in case. The markers are used to write the mat and wrestler numbers on kids hands or arms. Like “217” – That would mean Mat 2 and #17
  • Coaches are needed for each age group. Please do not leave early if there are no coaches available for the next session.
See you there and thank you all for volunteering.

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