Deals on Wrestling Shoes and Gear

ShoesLooking for a great deal on youth wrestling gear? Wrestling shoes and headgear are usually lightly used during the season. A pair of shoes can last a long time (if your wrestler’s foot stopped growing).

Shoes and headgear are usually only used on the mats. and singlets are only used in meets and tournaments. So, you should expect the “used” quality to be fantastic, especially for little kids.

If possible, stop by a store and try on shoes for sizing before ordering online. Some shoes run smaller than their advertised sized. Try these sources:

  1. We may have what you need at the VWA
  2. Olympia Sports on Rt 610
  3. Dicks in Fredericksburg has a clearance rack
  4. Amazon
  5. Scoreboard Wrestling – usually best sale prices and great service
  6. Play It Again sports consignment shop in Fredericksburg-
*** If you have a pair of previous used shoes or headgear and would like to donate them to the program, please contact me. Or, simply bring them to practice. We can always find a good home for shoes and equipment.

Also – If you have any other suggestions to add to this list, please let me know. -Coach Jake

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