Skin Checks and Safety

The NVWF has reminded us that it is the responsibility of each organization / Head Coach to enforce policy regarding our wrestler’s health. The federation does not perform skin checks, health or nail checks at each event. Therefore we need the assistance of all parents to ensure that our sport remains as safe as possible. Please report to a Head Coach anything that you think could negatively impact the health or safety of any child or wrestler. -Thank You

Wrestler Health and Safety – Stafford Highlander Wrestling

Skin / Infectious Diseases Policy – Simple Version 1.1 (Jan 2014)

Skin Checks – can be requested and performed by a Head Coach / Head Session Coach at any time. Failure to comply may result in the wrestler’s exclusion from practice and/or events.

The Head Coach is not a medical professional. However:

If the Head Coach feels that there is adequate risk of cross-infection, or, if there are questionable skin site(s) that appear to be active/contagious, the wrestler may be asked to leave the mat. The wrestler will not be permitted to participate in practices and/or events until receipt of the following:

1) Doctors release/note to practice – physician must complete a medical release form (National High School Medical Release Form)

2) Re-inspection by a Head Coach*

*After re-inspection by a Head Coach the wrestler may still be deemed unfit to participate during practice or at an event. The parent may appeal the decision.

*Appeal Process – Three highlander coaches will be selected during the practice session or event. The three coaches will visually inspect the skin site(s) in question and vote (yes/no) to let the child participate. Two affirmative votes are necessary to override a Head Coach and allow the child to continue wrestling. Abstaining from voting will be counted as a vote in the affirmative. Wrestlers must wait a minimum of 24 hours until they are eligible for re-inspection by a Head Coach.

It is at the sole discretion of a Head Coach that a wrestler participates in practice or an event. Most skin infections are transmitted by skin to skin contact. Keep in mind that during an event, exposure to skin to skin contact may be limited to only minutes. On the contrary, at practice, skin to skin exposure may extend for hours.

Please help us in controlling a potential outbreak by visually inspecting your wrestler’s skin at home, laundering wrestling clothes and encouraging showering immediately after practice or an event.

Finger Nail Grooming – please ensure that your child’s nails are trimmed and filed to ensure that other wrestlers (and your child) are not injured or scratched by finger nails. We do not, “officially”, have clippers or files at our events…However, you may be equipped. If you see a child with long or potentially dangerous nails, please notify a coach or their parents. Thanks.

Fever and Vomiting – Before allowing your child to practice or compete at an event, please ensure that at least 48 hrs have past without fever or vomiting to control the possible infection of other wrestlers.

Other Medical Conditions – Please advise the Head Coach.

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