Things you should know for the wrestling season


Our style of wrestling: Folkstyle / Collegiate – Wikipedia

We are part of: The Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF)

1) Tournaments (Federation – included) – We have 9 Tournaments scheduled for this season. They are listed on our website. You have already paid for them with your registration fee. These tournaments are “NVWF” and your child will wrestle 3 times each tournament. (win or lose)

What to expect: You will arrive early at the tournaments to weigh in and check in. (usually 8-9:30am). There are no weight classes, but your child will wrestle kids with similar weight, age and experience. Wrestling usually starts 10:00-10:30 am. Each group will usually be done in about 1 ½ hrs. There are usually 12 matches happening at once. It’s very organized and quick. Your kid will be assigned a mat number and wrestler number before the matches start. [Example “313” – We will write it on their arm/hand. That means they are on mat #3 and wrestler #13. There will be a number tree at each mat so you can see who is wrestling, and the next 2 wrestlers to be ready.] Only coaches are allowed on the mats and in designated coaching areas, but you can get really close. Oh- and there are concessions at each event.

2) Tournaments (Individual – not included) – There are hundreds of tournaments to pick from. Local, Regional, and International. The USA Wrestling site lists many. You have to pay additional entry fees to participate. These tournaments occur all year long. Some of them allow your child to wrestle until they lose and some of them are round robin (win or lose).

What to expect: You will usually arrive very early or the day before at the tournaments to weigh in and check in. There are weight classes, so your child will have to be a certain weight and under. Some tournaments have separate brackets for more experienced wrestlers, but most don’t. So your inexperienced young child may be wrestling an experienced older child (but, the same weight). These tournaments can be long depending on how many kids participate and if your child keeps winning. There are usually 4 – 6 matches happening at once.

3) Singlets (uniform) – We will be distributing singlets in early December. Singlet’s are turned in at the end of the year, usually at the banquet. We will collect a $40 deposit (check to Stafford Highlanders) for each singlet and refund you when it is turned in (usually at the banquet). If you do not return the singlet, your $40 will be used to purchase a singlet for the following year. If you need a singlet to participate in a pre-season or individual tournament please contact me. Singlets, headgear, and wrestling shoes must be worn at all tournaments.

4) Shirts and Sacs – You will receive a Highlander’s Gold T-Shirt and a team cinch sac (all included in your fees) to wear to all matches / tournaments.

5) Spirit Wear (optional gear) – We offer, on our website, shirts, sweats, beanies, and hoodies, all for our low wholesale cost. All items are shipped to our facility in bulk to save on the price. You can have it sent to your home, but you have to contact the manufacturer and pay shipping.

6) CAWL – Capital Area Wrestling League – some of our advanced wrestlers make the CAWL team. There are 19 positions on the team; all determined by weight. So you have to “wrestle off” to get a spot. Only the top wrestler at that spot makes the cut. It is rare for a beginner to make the CAWL team. The weight classes are 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 122, 130, 145, 170, and 235 pounds. The CAWL members practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

7) Banquet – at the end of the year we have a pot-luck banquet where everyone brings a dish. We give out awards, trophies and have an all together good time.

8) Volunteers – We always need volunteers – so email me. We are required to run one scoring table at each tournament. It’s easy. 3 people at a one table are optimal. Remember, all of the coaches are volunteers and are very generous with their time and resources. Please volunteer. Scoring wrestling is explained HERE, and we will go over it at practice. The referee will tell you how many points to score (and to whom), so all you do is flip numbers and keep time (sort of)…

9) Coaches are all volunteers too – please keep this fact in mind during the season and thank a coach for their long hours and service. Our program has been blessed with many seasoned and professional coaches that happen to have a child on our team. If you want to volunteer to coach, please contact coach Troy.

10) Pictures – We have team and individual pictures scheduled in January. We cost is super low. We do not mark up the costs at all…

11) Sponsors – I hate selling pizzas / cookies / washing cars / etc. And, you should too. That’s why sponsors are so important. You or someone you know can sponsor our team for as little as $150… You can find out more on our website or ask me. Want to do something special for the Highlanders and get you business recognized…we can do that!

12) General Helping Out – We are fortunate to have a great group of parents and kids that understand that the Highlanders are a 100% volunteer organization. So, don’t complain… help out. See something spelled wrong on the website…I’ll give you a login so you can change it. If you have an idea how to make the program better — do it. Organize other parents to help, or help coach, or help administratively. I appreciate the ideas, but implementation is key. I always have a full plate, so I can find something for you to do.

13) Bathrooms – A parent has to accompany a wrestler to the rest room. It is necessary to check the bathroom after it has been used and clean up if necessary. We will instruct the kids, but this is always an issue with the owners of the facility. And make sure they wipe their feet before getting back on the mat.

14) PARKING!!! – Do not park in front of roll-up doors. There is plenty of parking all around the building. Please be considerate of the other businesses…

15) Any suggestions or questions: or call Troy at 703-477-4114

*Any financial arrangements or concerns are strictly confidential. Please contact me if you have a special need.
Welcome to our wrestling family.

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