USAW Cards and Training

This is intended for all Highlanders and VWA coaches (updated 9-2018)

You are required to have a USAW background check to coach wrestling during the Season. (It’s $15 ) We recommend the USAW coaching membership/card which includes a background check. There is a small extra cost for a coaching card, but these cards get you into many events free, receive discounts, and allow you admission as a coach at most other tournaments . *After you get the card I will need your membership number.

From the NVWF: “…USA Cards- All coaches in your club are required to have at minimum a USAW background check or a USA Coaching Membership/Card. They will not be eligible to coach at tournaments without them. Furthermore, persons without a background check will not be allowed in the coaching area or on the mat at events


You can go here for membership:

Most tournaments require a membership card to allow you on the mat or into restricted areas.

USAW Cards for wrestlers have already been ordered. All Highlander wrestlers will be given cards. The membership fees for wrestlers are included in their Highlander registration fee.


The Federation has no formal policy, but I would like to be proactive. You are not required to have this training, but…it is recommended.

FREE training (20 minute video and interactive test) can be obtained from the CDC along with a certificate when completed (I have attached mine) – If you choose to participate – Please bring a copy or send me a copy of the certificate.

More information for parents can be found at

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