Wrestling Review – Pinning

Some of you have contacted me about about reviewing thing that we have learned at practice with your child. Here is a list of some of the things that were taught, or will be taught to them. Feel free to look them up online. You will find many variations of each move and different techniques. I have chosen a few below that are similar to the way we have taught.

Turning your opponent to their backs – PINNING COMBINATIONS

1) Half nelson

  • – walking to the head
  • – lifting the opponents leg to flip them over
  • – using the opponents wrist
  • – sinking the elbow
  • – chest to chest


2) Near Side Cradle (bow and arrow) – when your opponent is flat on the mat



3) Cross Face Cradle



4) Arm Bar



5) Arm bar to Half Nelson



6) Cement Mixer and Twister



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