Wrestling Review – Reminders

  • Always land or turn on your stomach if you are taken down
  • Never reach back
  • Always have hand or wrist control
  • On the bottom keep your head up
  • On the bottom build back to your base
  • During matches – look at your coach (not your mom and dad or the ref) when on the mat for advice
  • Review proper ways to lock your hands
  • Stay off of your knees

Other Moves that we have touched on:


Fireman’s Carry, Standing Switch, Standing Peterson, 3/4 Nelson, Power Half, Arm Lever, Reversing the Half, High Crotch, Head and Arm Throw, Front Headlock with leg tap (after sprawl)


How to defend a head and arm throw (pop the elbow off your head, keep your hips beside your opponents, roll through if thrown, chase the legs), how to defend tight waste and ankle (extend the leg, peel the hand, sit on your foot), how to defend half nelson (look away, peel the hand, clamp down, post the leg, post the arm)

Make it easy for beginners and young wrestlers —- Ask them:
-What is your favorite move?
-What move do you use to get the other wrestler:
  • on their belly
  • on their back
  • down to the mat
-What move do you use to escape when another wrestler is on top?
Easy combo of moves – Double Leg, Arm Chop Tight Waist, And Half Nelson
See you on the Mat

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